A City Hall for People

I will continue community listening sessions every month, moving my way through the entire city every year, meeting people in casual settings right in their own neighborhoods.

I’ve committed to accepting no corporate donations for my campaign, and I will continue that practice as Mayor.

I will post my calendar daily and maintain an open door policy: people have a right to know who their Mayor is meeting with and why, no exceptions. And if I’m available in the office when you stop in, I will welcome you in for a conversation.

I will create Mayor’s Youth Councils based in neighborhoods (and I’ll come to them!) ensuring that everyone’s kids have equal chance to shape our city’s future, no matter what part of town they’re from. 

I will also make advisory committees and commissions actually reflect the whole city, drawing from impacted communities and neighborhoods, ensuring that all voices are heard, not just a select few from a closed circle.

I will adhere to a personal term limit as Mayor, which shouldn’t be a job for life, making space for and elevating new voices. I’m eager to move swiftly on our agenda and prioritize good relationships over holding power.