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Housing for People


I will keep our neighborhoods people-scaled and people-friendly, knowing that strong neighborhoods need housing at every price point. As Mayor, I will introduce a slate of bold new measures to get at the root of our crisis, home by home by home.

I will continue to lead on a Community Housing Land Trust, banking land now to protect the future affordability of this city. It will help folks stay in their homes, help folks find homes in the future, and truly signal Boise’s investment in a place for everyone to live, safely and affordably. 

I will aggressively work to reform the homeowners’ exemption, bringing property tax relief to residents and easing their burden.

I will incentivize the building of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) with a new pilot program that reduces owner costs and locks in affordable rental rates.

I will fight to protect existing affordable housing, like mobile home parks and small multi-family units, from demolition, and institute impact fee reform. 

I will address the serious neighborhood issues caused by too many short-term vacation rentals through common sense licensing practices.

I’ll make it easier for Boiseans to access energy efficiency upgrades and to solarize their homes, focusing on helping our neighbors with fixed incomes and tight budgets. 

And, critically, I will make space for creative solutions from those innovating in the affordable housing sector. The city is not in the business of designing and constructing housing, so let’s empower those who are.