A City for People, A City for Everyone

Boise is at a crossroads, and our people feel the pressing urgency of this moment. We are feeling the pinch of stagnant wages and skyrocketing costs, increased traffic and sprawling congestion. People are feeling priced out, left behind, and talked over.

We’ve come a long way as a city in the past twenty years, there’s no doubt. But we need that hope to be felt in every neighborhood, no matter how much you make or how long you’ve been in Boise. We’ll know that Boise is at its best - and truly most livable - when every Boisean can find a place to live and a good job, when our commutes are short and our air is clean, when we protect our open spaces as quickly as we develop, and when your voices are heard.

As Mayor, my agenda would center on a city for people, built together. In a city for everyone, it shouldn’t matter who you are or what part of town you live in to be safe, feel at home, and make a prosperous life.

I'm running to be your next Mayor, and these are my priorities:

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Housing for People


I will keep our neighborhoods people-scaled and people-friendly, knowing that strong neighborhoods need housing at every price point. As Mayor, I will introduce a slate of bold new measures to get at the root of our crisis, home by home by home.

I will continue to lead on a Community Housing Land Trust, banking land now to protect the future affordability of this city. It will help folks stay in their homes, help folks find homes in the future, and truly signal Boise’s investment in a place for everyone to live, safely and affordably. 

I will aggressively work to reform the homeowners’ exemption, bringing property tax relief to residents and easing their burden.

I will incentivize the building of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) with a new pilot program that reduces owner costs and locks in affordable rental rates.

I will fight to protect existing affordable housing, like mobile home parks and small multi-family units, from demolition, and institute impact fee reform. 

I will address the serious neighborhood issues caused by too many short-term vacation rentals through common sense licensing practices.

I’ll make it easier for Boiseans to access energy efficiency upgrades and to solarize their homes, focusing on helping our neighbors with fixed incomes and tight budgets. 

And, critically, I will make space for creative solutions from those innovating in the affordable housing sector. The city is not in the business of designing and constructing housing, so let’s empower those who are.

Moving our


I will deliver an actionable Plan for Regional Transit within my first term, relentlessly strengthening and resetting key relationships in our valley, and recognizing that our quality of life and air depends on it.

This plan will revisit the potential of our existing rail line (and the space along it) connecting Caldwell, Nampa, Meridian, and Boise.

I will also explore the use of trackless trams running along State Street, connecting Middleton, Star, Eagle and Boise.

I will strengthen safe pedestrian and cyclist routes throughout the city with an Urban Trail System, connecting our farmlands to our Foothills and everything in between.

I will continue to invest in a user-friendly bus system that can move people to their jobs and lives faster, more frequently, and every day of the week. 

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Jobs for People


I will encourage companies coming to Boise to invest in our people and resources, not race to the bottom with tax cuts and incentives.

I will reward homegrown innovation and invest Boise tax dollars in Boise businesses.

I pushed the City of Boise to commit to 100% Clean Energy by 2035, and will continue my commitment to fostering the kinds of clean energy innovation and jobs that will bring prosperity to more people.

I will support Innovation Hubs throughout the city to increase access to the Internet, continuing education, and STEM skills for people of all ages, backgrounds, and income levels.


A City Hall for People

I will continue community listening sessions every month, moving my way through the entire city every year, meeting people in casual settings right in their own neighborhoods.

I’ve committed to accepting no corporate donations for my campaign, and I will continue that practice as Mayor.

I will post my calendar daily and maintain an open door policy: people have a right to know who their Mayor is meeting with and why, no exceptions. And if I’m available in the office when you stop in, I will welcome you in for a conversation.

I will create Mayor’s Youth Councils based in neighborhoods (and I’ll come to them!) ensuring that everyone’s kids have equal chance to shape our city’s future, no matter what part of town they’re from. 

I will also make advisory committees and commissions actually reflect the whole city, drawing from impacted communities and neighborhoods, ensuring that all voices are heard, not just a select few from a closed circle.

I will adhere to a personal term limit as Mayor, which shouldn’t be a job for life, making space for and elevating new voices. I’m eager to move swiftly on our agenda and prioritize good relationships over holding power.


A Clean Energy City for Everyone

I will prioritize open spaces, parks, and gathering places, especially for our neighborhoods who need them the most. We need to be protecting our open spaces and farmlands as quickly as we are developing.

I sponsored the Clean Energy Plan and advocated to accelerate our citywide goal of 100% clean energy to 2035 and, as Mayor, I will beat that goal.

I will continue the work of protecting and keeping the water of our treasured Boise River clean, from its headwaters to the heart of our city and beyond.

I will recognize that healthy, clear air for all Boiseans is only possible through reduced car emissions, and will keep better transit at the top of my priorities.