The best kind of endorsement...

You may have noticed that we're running a different kind of campaign for mayor, one that relies on conversations with everyday people. We haven't pressured every elected official in town for an endorsement, because we know the best endorsements come from voters like you on Election Day.

But this very personal endorsement from one of the hardest-working, kindest lawmakers in the state truly means the world. Please take a moment to listen to Representative Melissa Wintrow in her own words:

"I’ve known Lauren for five years. I’ve known her to be an excellent leader, a hard-working mom and neighbor, someone who treats others with dignity and respect, even when she doesn’t agree with them, and a champion on causes we care about. She loves Boise, and has always fought to protect the best things about this place.

I’ve always enjoyed working with Lauren. Actually, when I first ran for office 5 years ago, I had a tough primary. Lauren was the only elected official who took a chance on me and supported me publicly.

I wasn’t well-connected, I didn’t have the establishment power behind me, but Lauren took notice of my work in the community and believed in me.And now I’ve been able to do a lot of good work on behalf of the people of Idaho, and Lauren had the vision to reach down and see my potential. It’s that kind of vision that will move us forward as a city as we navigate some tough challenges.

It's time to consider a change for our city. It's time to elect Lauren McLean this November 5!”

I hope you're ready to take a chance, too, and lend your voice alongside Representative Wintrow's. Would you consider a donation right now to help carry our people-powered campaign through the summer?

As always: thank you. I will keep working to earn your support and vote right up to November. It's truly my honor.



Zach Reider