Do you share my vision for a Clean Energy City for Everyone?


I’ve been listening, and Boiseans are worried.

Though we can all name the great things about our community and the people here, too many folks are feeling priced out, talked over, left out or forgotten. People are wondering what “livability” means for them.

As Boise grows, we need our local government to be transparent and our leaders accessible. We need to talk about how decisions are made and why, and that should never be a mystery.

We need to embrace bolder, more urgent solutions for affordable housing, traffic and congestion to keep Boise livable for everyone, in every neighborhood.

And we need to engage more everyday people in that conversation, from start to finish.

We know all too well how other cities have fallen behind growth, let down their residents, and tried to change course with too little, too late. Well, it’s not too late for Boise.

Our best days are still ahead of us, if we have the courage to be humble, let go of old grudges and work together - with everyone - to keep Boise Boise.

I’m no stranger to defending our quality of life, open spaces, and future promise.


Back in 2001, against unlikely odds, I led the grassroots effort behind the Boise Foothills Open Space Campaign, protecting our natural treasure for every Boisean to come. And I stepped up again in 2015 to double-down on Boise’s commitment to conservation.

In my volunteer service and professional work, I’ve tried to demonstrate my values time and time again. During my time on Boise City Council, I’ve spoken up for causes that matter.

I remain convinced that when you love a place, you work hard to leave it better. I believe that listening is a strength and open, low-ego collaboration improves decisions.

And when you know that people are feeling left out of our city’s prosperity, you have an obligation to change that however you can.


Our next mayor faces some big challenges.

We’ve come a long way as a city in the past twenty years, there’s no doubt.

But we need that hope and progress to be felt in every corner, in every neighborhood, no matter how much you make or how long you’ve been in Boise.

We’ll know that Boise is at its best - and truly most livable -  when every Boisean can find a place to live and a good job, when our commutes are short and our air is clean, when we protect our open spaces as quickly as we develop, and when your voices are heard.

My name is Lauren McLean, and I’m running to be your mayor.

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